Value of Working with EIV

EIV is more than a financial partner. A relationship with EIV offers a combination of capital and access to an experienced investment team comprised of both financial and operating partners. Our commodity and operational expertise allow us to view potential investments through a unique lens and to assist our portfolio company management teams in building businesses and managing risk throughout the entire investment life cycle.

  • Entrepreneurially Minded – As entrepreneurs, EIV provides the capital and the coaching to help management teams build, grow and position their businesses.
  • Energy Focused – The EIV team members have spent their careers in the industry advising, operating and founding energy companies.
  • Seasoned Operating Partners – EIV is a collaborative and supportive partner that provides real and practical experience to help management teams build their businesses.
  • Transparent – We strive for openness, communication and accountability with all stakeholders.
  • Success with Multiple Growth Strategies – EIV provides more than just capital; we provide guidance, relationships and real world experience that help grow and position companies for an exit.